5 Organization Tips That Save You Money

I am thrilled to have Paul with me today at The Peaceful Haven!  He is the owner of Organized Living and has so many good ideas that will help you get your home organized and save you money at the same time!  I love the motto for Organized Living…Storage solutions designed to simplify your life.


5 Home Organization Tips That Save You Money

Everyone envisions an organized home that is a sight of serenity and relaxation. Unfortunately, as we buy more stuff, clutter builds up and with it; our dreams of a serene living space soon vanish. Times are hard and nobody wants to spend money on organization but that should not be an excuse to wallow in clutter. By sacrificing some time on the weekend or evening, it is possible to live the dream using my five home organization tips on a budget!



When you make a decision to organize your cluttered house, the most important step is letting go of what you do not really need. This can be very difficult especially for pack rats so a little intervention of friends and family is necessary. Purging might take a considerable amount of time so you need to work on this project on a long weekend or during vacation. I recommend tackling one room at a time but for purging to work, you must detach yourself emotionally from your stuff.


Turn empty food containers in storage jars

These days, spices and other food items are sold in fancy plastic and glass containers that can be an organizers gem. Instead of throwing jam, peanut butter, spice and condiment containers and bottles, clean them out and remove the labels to create your own personalized jars. Without spending a dime, you will have a pen holder, paper clip jar and even bins to place extra magazines. Those fancy Danish cookie jars can be used to store your kid’s art projects while empty pillboxes are an excellent way to store earrings.


Picture frames can hold more than memories

If you have empty picture frames stacked in the garage, there is no need to spend money on earring holders. Just remove the front and back then string rows of wire across so that you have a place to hook earrings and other jewelry. If you have a large family, design one for each member and place it in his or her rooms.


Put spare wine racks to good use

I made a brilliant discovery last year when trying to organize spare towels in the bathrooms. They looked so cluttered on the rail so rolled them up and tried to see how they would fit in my old wine rack that I had relegated to the garage. The result was a sophisticated arrangement that wowed me so much that I picked another unused wine rack and transformed it into storage for my many magazines that were taking up so much room in my office. There are hundreds of ways to use extra wine racks for the organization of your home, so save your cash and get creative.


Invest in a closet organization system

A closet organization system is necessary for anyone trying to save money. It is such a dynamic tool that you can adjust to meet specific needs in your closet. Installing a closet organization system is a breeze so you do not have to call in the professionals each time you need to make an adjustment. The system will help you store stuff in your closet without the need to purchase spare accessories that can prove expensive.


If you haven’t checked out Organized Living you should…Click HERE!

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