18 anti-inflammatory essential oils for autoimmune diseases

Anti-inflammatory Essential Oils

Inflammation…Inflammation…Inflammation! I read about some new research study weekly that tells of the detriments of inflammation on the body. Inflammation is not good for anyone but it is definitely not good for a person with an autoimmune disease!  It is…


How To Have Hope While Fighting Autoimmune Disease

A little over a year ago I CRASHED! I have been diagnosed with 7 different autoimmune diseases and in previous years I had only experienced a major flair up once before. I had been making it through life uncomfortably but I…

Battling Autoimmune Disease Naturally

  Few things in life can rattle us like illness.  It causes us to come face to face with our mortality. Battling Autoimmune Disease Naturally will encourage and equip you for the fight. I have battled Autoimmune Disease for most…
Exercise for the slacker_1920

Exercise For The Slacker

Exercise is a great place to begin our series 31 Days to a Healthier You. Now here’s the thing…I am an exercise slacker and have no real physical fitness success to my name.  I start out strong every year and then…
Natural Antibiotics

8 Natural Antibiotics

Well, it finally happened to me. I have been hearing about bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics for years.  However, I had no personal experience until now.  After several rounds of different antibiotics the results were always the same.  I would temporarily…

26 Bible Verses That Will Give You Hope

Some days I loose my way and find myself doubting that things will ever change… Life can be hard. Whatever it is that is causing you to loose HOPE…sick child, bad marriage, desperate finances?  As a believer, the outcome of…
Elements of a healthy life

Components of a Healthy Life

  What exactly are the components of a healthy life? We live in an age in which we are privileged to have medical research at the tip of our fingers.  It only takes moments to google the information to find out…


  1. Paola Salgado | 18th Oct 14

    Blessings your way!
    I have a 15 year old boy whom I suspect is on the spectrum. The most devastating part is that he decided not to believe in God. It it so difficult to see him not connecting with his peers at school or in our neighborhood. He spends his days alone. Most of all, it is so difficult to see him being away from God.
    How did you help your daughter stay in God’s path.

  2. Janelle Esker | 19th Oct 14

    Hi Paola,
    I am so sorry to hear about your son and am praying about how to answer. Our daughter has had moments where she says she the most inappropriate things about God and we are all shocked but in truth we probably have all felt that way at one time or another. It is hard for some kids on the spectrum to get their minds around God as he is not something concrete that they can touch. He is in many ways a mystery. We have encouraged our daughter to always be honest with God about how she feels. God can handle her honesty and will meet her there, even when she is shockingly inappropriate. We believe that the word of God is the truth…all of it. We have encouraged her to study the word. She is now, at age 24 quite a Bible scholar. Some of the questions we get from her really challenge us! 🙂 We also prayed like crazy especially in those teen years which can be anything but stable…especially with people on the spectrum. I think prayer is the key and encourage your son to talk to God about his questions. Does he have any interests? Our daughter is interested in animals, she has really connected with God through her interests. She loves the ministry Answers in Genesis. Their reading material has helped her so much! I would research what is going on in his interest area that you could use to help him see God at work. Please let me know if I can help in the future and please know this…I am praying for you!

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