Space Saving Ideas To Organize Your Bathroom

The bathroom has the reputation for being the most disgusting and disorganized room in the house.   Day twenty-four is here and we are going to organize the bathroom today!  Take a moment and look around you, be encouraged by all your have accomplished in our challenge Organize your Home in 31 days the Frugal Way.  Each daily task has taken you on a journey toward a well-organized house on a budget and in most cases, we have found ways to organize the house for FREE!

Since we have already organized the closet today’s task should be simple.




Who uses the bathroom?

What kind of storage space is available in your bathroom and can you creatively make more?

What are your must-haves?

Do you have any special needs you need to address?

What is NOT working for you in the space?


If I were to answer these questions …

I have one and a half bathrooms in my home.  We have seven people currently living here and there used to be eight when my eldest son still lived at home.  We have only one tub and shower.  We all share the bathroom and for the record, it is less than three feet from the wall to the tub and only 6 feet long so it is SMALL!  We also have a daughter with special needs.  My must-haves are to have storage for things like towels, first aid kit, and toilet paper.  We need a place to store toothbrushes, and toothpaste, soap, and razor.  Also, a place to shampoo and conditioner and bath soap. All these things must be easy to access for my daughter with special needs.



Let’s start with a three step process…

First, REMOVE everything (yes, everything that is not nailed down).  Pitch any product that has expired.

Next, DECIDE what needs to go back in the room.  Only return things that belong in the bathroom.  If you find you have 50 towels and only really need 10 then be generous and give the extras to a friend in need or to an organization that supports the homeless.

Finally, ORGANIZE the bathroom with your must-haves.  A great way to organize the bathroom is by color coordinating everything!




  • use stackable containers
  • install hooks for towels instead of towel bars
  • make each member of the family a bath bucket to store their own personal care items
  • use the bathroom door to install towel racks
  • have small shelves next to the sink to hold toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • use pull out shelves for easier access
  • wisely use under the sink storage by installing metal baskets on the cabinet doors to add more space for things like hair care and makeup
  • use retractable towel bars that will save space and let washcloths dry under the sink
  • use ice cube trays to help organize drawers
  • save space by building shelves under eaves or in between bathroom wall studs
  • install a shower caddy
  • build shelving around and above the shower tile
  • keep counters clear for safety



What organizing tips do you have for the bathroom?




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More than one bathroom?  Just repeat the above steps again…

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