20 Frugal Ways To Organize Your Entryway



It’s day twenty-one!  Can you believe it?  We have come so far together and we only have ten more days to go.  Today we will organize your entryway with 20 frugal ideas.  If you have missed any days in this challenge head on back to day one in Organize your Home in 31 days the Frugal Way.  

Everyone has a different entryway to their home or apartment.  We actually have three entryways in our 1903 farmhouse.  The front door, which leads into the living room.  The side door that leads directly to the basement and finally the back entryway that leads into the mudroom and then the kitchen.  Our family only ever uses the back door when leaving or entering our home.  The mudroom functions as a coat closet, shoe collector, pet paraphernalia receptacle and much much more.  I am sure your main entryway is the same way.  I find that the mudroom is continually the messiest room in the house!




  • Someplace to hang coats.

  • Someplace to store shoes and boots.

  • Someplace to keep hats and mittens.

  • Key holder

  • mail receptacle

  • mirror

  • storage

  • lighting 



When you see this list please don’t head to the store to purchase some fancy storage facility!  First shop your home…you will be amazed at what you will find.  For example, the hooks in my mudroom came out of an unused portion of my bedroom closet.  My shoe storage is the top half or a vintage bookcase.  My umbrella holder came from a garage sale and my mirror and baskets had been given to us at some point and we re-used them.

Check out this list…




  1. Shop the curb for baskets, furniture or boxes that could be used in the organization of your entryway.
  2. Spray paint paper boxes or cover with fabric and use as an inexpensive storage solution.
  3. Old bike baskets make charming storage baskets.
  4. Add some organization by using paper labels made from cardstock or old greeting cards. Find some FREE printables online!
  5. Depending on the size of your entryway, use vintage dressers, benches or lockers to add storage to your space for cheap.
  6. One of my favorite storage containers is galvanized tubs and buckets.  They are getting pretty expensive new or in antique shops but I have found all mine for FREE over the years.  A few have been given to me by friends that know I love galvanized metal.
  7. Hang your keys on hooks, make clothespin board or use a footed glass bowl.
  8. Old aluminum cookie sheets or jelly roll pans make great boot mats.
  9. Make a charging station out of an old lunch box or a fabric wrapped box with appropriately placed holes.
  10. Use an old over the door shoe holder to store your hats, scarves or mittens.
  11. Old shelves can be easily converted to open storage space by adding a few pieces of cut wood to serve as dividers.
  12. Hang some old wood pallets on the wall, attach some baskets or hooks to make a narrow coat rack and storage unit.  Wood pallets are found FREE in my neck of the woods.
  13. Only store your most used shoes in the entryway.  Others can be stored in your bedroom closet.
  14. Old dresser knob pulls make cute hooks for your mudroom or entryway.
  15. Save that broken mirror!  Take it to your local hardware store and have them cut it for a few bucks and voila a mirror for your entrance and exit.  It is always helpful to take a look at yourself before leaving your home.  ( I don’t even want to tell you how I appeared when my children were young and I forgot we had just played beauty parlor and left my home looking like a painted lady!)
  16. How many kids in your home?  I have six. Make sure they each have their own bin or box to store their things in as well as their own labeled coat hook.
  17. Spray paint a piece of sturdy cardboard with chalkboard paint and stick it in an old picture frame.   You have a ready-made family message center.
  18. Fasten a large metal clip or clipboard near the door and put reminders of what each person needs to bring with them when they leave the home.
  19. An old wooden utensil tray can be remade into a mail organizer or a charging station!
  20. Store pet treats in canning jars or recycled glass food jars.  Spray paint the lid to match your decor.





How do you save money organizing your entryway?



About The Author

Janelle Esker

Janelle Esker is the grateful wife of Michael and homeschooling mother of six amazing children. She lives with her family, 4 cats, 1 dog, 3 ducks and 12 chickens in scenic Ohio. Janelle received her B.A. in Education from Ohio Northern University. She is the author of CHOSEN: One Family’s Journey with Autism.