The Ultimate Gluten Free Makeup List


The Ultimate Gluten Free Makeup List has been a long time coming!  We (my four daughters and I) have been testing and evaluating makeup options for ladies who are gluten-free for over 2 years.  Frankly, it took so long because there are not a lot of QUALITY options out there to choose from.  The good news is that we are seeing more gluten-free makeup and skin care options arriving on the beauty scene every month.  As those companies improve their products we hope to add to this list.

This is the short list, we have picked only the BEST of the best for this review!



Evaluations were made on the following criteria.

  • SAFETY     Makeup tested had to score a 3 or lower on the EWG rating site (0 being the best score).  It had to be gluten-free and contain no endocrine disruptors.
  • COST EFFECTIVENESS     All natural makeup is pricey!  The best gluten-free options had to be reasonably priced and last a long time.
  • LONGEVITY      Did the makeup last all day or wash off?  Our gluten-free makeup picks lasted the day.
  • BREAKOUT FREE    Gluten-free makeup had to be breakout free and allergy friendly.
  • MOISTURIZING EFFECTS    Gluten-free makeup tested needed to be moisturizing, not greasy and contain no chemical contaminants.




The Ultimate Gluten Free Makeup List



*A little about the testers skin,  all of the testers have celiac disease, one has oily skin, one dry and two normal.  All have sensitive skin.  Each wears makeup on a daily basis.



The absolutely BEST tinted moisturizer we have found is from Pure Haven!  Love this product, sheer, light and natural.  Stays on and gives your skin a luminescent glow!



I had not been wearing blush until I found this creamy stick version of blush.  We love Pure Haven’s gluten-free blush because it stays and is easy to apply.  No mess and boy does this blush last, just a little dab will do you.




Wow, we went through a lot of smeary, messy, gluten-free mascara that did not stay on the eyelash, and gave us a constant set of raccoon eyes!  As we all consider good mascara a need we were so happy to stumble across Mineral Fusion Mascara with stays on the eye and applies without a mess and even lengthens your eyelashes!  It also scored a 0 from the EWG!  This gluten-free Mineral Fuson Mascara gets a 10 from The Peaceful Haven!


Eye Shadow

Mineral Fuson Eye Shadow also got a 0 from the EWG which is the best score you can get.  We loved the colors and the fact that our eyes did not itch!  The best part is that it looks beautiful on the eye lid and does not make your eye lid look wrinkly.  A big bonus for the over 40 crowd.


Eye Pencil 

Another winner from Mineral Fuson!  No smear eye pencil that lasts and doesn’t get stuck in creases.  It’s gluten-free of course and a must have as far as daily makeup goes!


Liquid Eye Liner 

Unfortunately, the jury is still out on finding a gluten-free option that we can recommend.  We will continue looking and will keep you posted.




For some reason, lipstick is loaded with horrible stuff!  Even some companies that used to have great gluten-free lipstick options have been bought out and now have additives added.  Yuck.  I am happy to introduce you to honeybee gardens lipstick which color lasts, moisturizes your lips, has great color variety and does not cost an arm and a leg!


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What are your favorite gluten-free makeup choices?




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