9 Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Recipes

9 gluten-free Valentines Day Treats



It is really hard to find VALENTINE’S DAY TREATS  for a family with allergies!

Do I really need to say more?

I have scoured the web for 9 recipes that are not only gluten-free but some recipes are dairy free, sugar free and paleo.



1. SOFT SUGAR COOKIES from Flippin Delicious.  Don’t these look scrumptious and to have something soft and gluten-free…well that is a winner in my book!


DSC_0050 copy


2. CHOCOLATE COVERED PRETZELS from Leanne Bakes.  I have to say these look adorable and tasty!




3. ALMOND DOUBLE THUMBPRINT HEART COOKIES from Wicked Good Kitchen.   Another talented blogger has come up with these gems!  Not only are they gluten-free but they are Paleo too.  Yes!




4.  DARK CHOCOLATE WALNUT POMEGRANATE CLUSTERS from Jeanettes Healthy Living.  These are both healthy and delicious and even look good! The clusters are both gluten-free and paleo.




5. CHOCOLATE DIPPED KRISPIE TREATS from Mels Kitchen Cafe.  Don’t these just look adorable and you can’t go wrong with rice krispie treats!  Everyone LOVES them!




6. RAW CHOCOLATE FUDGE BROWNIES from Ricki Heller.  These look so good and they are healthy!  One disclaimer I would substitute raw honey in these in stead of the agave.




7. GLUTEN FREE SHORTBREAD COOKIES  from Todays Frugal Mom.  For a start I just LOVE Todays Frugal Mom and I know you all will LOVE these cookies too!  This would be such a great activity with your kids.



8. PALEO CAKE POPS from Civilized Caveman Cooking.  These just look good…and the fact that they are paleo is a bonus!




9. NOT A SUGAR COOKIE VALENTINES HEART from Healthy Living How To.   The icing looks amazing…I can’t wait to take a bite!




Check out these amazing cupcakes from My Gluten Free Kitchen!  YUM!


I want to THANK all the talented bloggers who contributed to this post…you are AMAZING!


Now I am HUNGRY…off to bake for the day.  Praying this will meet a need for you and your children this Valentine’s Day.





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