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Goatee Farm Is Run By A Talented Person With Autism


At the age of 22, Kylie started Goatee Farms.  

Kylie is a self-proclaimed animal lover, so when starting her own business, with the assistance of Food For Good Thought, she knew animals would play a key role.  The list of animals she adores goes on and on!  She not only loves all animals but is knowledgeable about every area of animal life from natural habitats to proper animal husbandry.  She is more comfortable with her animal friends than people, but still enjoys sharing her vast knowledge with friends and family. Kylie has a great love for dogs and is especially knowledgeable about them.  It became very important to her to include special Gluten-free treats for dogs in her business.

Goatee Farm has a line of Gluten-free, Goat Milk products such as Dog Biscuits, Soaps, and Chocolate Truffles.  Kylie makes all of her own products. She also sells the eggs from her free range chickens to Food For Good Thought and through special orders.

Product development occurred out of Kylie’s desire to have delicious allergy-friendly food.  She felt frustrated when she had to eat something substandard in quality just because she had celiac disease and must live a Gluten-free lifestyle.  Kylie has a keen sense of injustice and works hard to make her products.

Kylie believes her products are even more delicious than non-allergy products and would like to invite you to give her products a try. All Goatee Farm products are handmade and handcrafted.


Goatee Farm Gluten Free Products


Order Kylie’s Soap by calling Food For Good Thought Bakery at 614.447.0424





Order Kylie’s Dog Biscuits by calling Food For Good Thought Bakery at 614.447.0424




Order Kylie’s Chocolate Truffles by calling

Food For Good Thought Bakery at 614.447.0424



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