How To Heal Brokenness The Christian Way

We all have areas of brokenness in our lives whether we are Christians or not.  Healing brokenness is a process made up of little God moments gently placed in our lives at the right moments. Healing cannot be forced. Many people have opinions on how to accomplish the healing of the soul.  How to heal brokenness the Christian way always begin with the brokenness of Christ on the Cross.

It is also critical to search scripture for how God intended life to be before sin entered into the world.  We get an absolutely beautiful picture of how our relationship with God and our relationship with the world are to operate in Genesis chapter 2.  God has completely met every need of His creation.  This encourages me that healing which leads to wholeness in Christ is possible!

It is important to note that one blog post on healing brokenness is not the end all of how to heal brokenness the Christian way.  It is rather a gentle drip of truth that is intended to encourage you in your healing journey with Jesus Christ.  I myself have been blessed by Christian Counseling, Bible Studies, and Christian Books.  I encourage you to seek God’s wisdom and use all these resources as well.


What are the needs of every divinely created person?


  • a safe and secure environment

  • constant reinforcement of personal worth

  • repeated messages that the person is valued, unique and special

  • unconditional love and acceptance

  • basic care and nurture

  • encouragement to grow and develop personal gifts and talents

  • a pathway to fellowship with God

  • A sense of belonging

  • feeling useful and needed


– taken from Wounded by Terry Wardle


In order to understand the brokenness of our lives, we must first address the root cause of our brokenness.  We each must prayerfully consider which areas of need we have gone to the world to fulfill.  Seeking God’s wisdom for why we have done these things and not sought Him instead? That honest moment of realization is where the beginning of healing brokenness begins.  Realizing that we were hard-wired by God to have these longings met only by God can also be a source of healing.


What happens when we don’t understand

or experience our needs being met?




Broken and hurting people do weird things.  They substitute fellowship with God for idols, believe that money and power bring security, and personal performance is linked to self-worth.   The deception from the garden when sin entered into this world is still happening today.  We believe approval replaces uniqueness, rank determines importance, sexual activity is substituted for genuine love, godless pleasure is thought to bring lasting enjoyment, and career advancement is the answer to a fulfilled life.

I don’t believe there is a person alive who has not fallen into the traps of believing these untruths.  I know I most definitely have and belief in these untruths have wreaked havoc on many areas of my life.




How To Heal Brokenness The Christian Way


  • Ask for God’s forgiveness and then forgive yourself.  Forgiveness sets you FREE!

  • Acknowledge that you were meant to have your needs met by God and only God.

  • Meditate on how BEAUTIFUL you are to God!

  • Slowly let this sink in, pray, meditate and be patient with yourself as you process that God is the source of unconditional LOVE!  His love will keep you safe, bring purpose and significance to your life, you belong to Jesus and He understands everything about you.  He created you.


Healing brokenness is a process.  Don’t put a timetable on it. Here is a big surprise that I am learning as I journey through heal brokenness the Christian way, pain is actually good, it is the catalyst for opening up past wounds and letting them heal in a healthy way.   Don’t give up HOPE and know that I am praying for you!






I would love to hear what God is teaching you on your journey!




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