It’s Time To Rest

I don’t think there is a mother who doesn’t want to rest…am I right? The truth is that no matter what stage you are in as a mother, it is always hard to find time to rest.  It is hard…
12 Must Have Medicinal Herbs

12 Must Have Medicinal Herbs

  We all have our favorites…don’t we? I have chosen these 12 Must Have Medicinal Herbs because they are my preferred herbs to use with my rather large family.  These hard working plants have proven themselves.  Many of these beauties grow…
5 Ways To Maintain Emotional Health

5 Ways To Maintain Emotional Health

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is maintaining emotional health.  I have to be honest, emotional wellness is ever changing and can be influenced by many contributing factors.  Past abuse, unhealthy relationships, poor choices and the ever present female hormones can…
Makeover your medicine cabnet

Makeover Your Medicine Cabinet

Take a moment and look at your Medicine Cabinet.  What is in it? Here are a few questions to ask yourself when evaluating your family’s medicine cabinet. Is it expired? Does it treat the symptom or the root cause of…
10 Things to keep your child safe

10 Things To Keep Your Child Safe

  I hate talking about unpleasant things. When I start thinking about injury as it relates to children, my mother instinct takes over and I begin to shut down.  As mothers, we want to give our children a safe childhood….
Revisiting Yoga - Deliver Love Co. - Holy Yoga

Revisiting Yoga And Holy Yoga

I have opinions on Yoga. My opinion is that a Christian should not participate in Yoga.  Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures,…
Top 10 Healthy Living Books

Top 10 Healthy Living Books

I had a ton of fun reading this month about all aspects of a Healthy Life!  It was hard to narrow it down and pick my Top 10 Healthy Living Books.  I  love reading so I was up for a challenge….
Psalm 34 - God's Vision Of The Healthy Life

Psalm 34 – God’s Vision Of The Healthy Life

When seeking a healthy lifestyle, it is critical to investigate what God’s Vision Of The Healthy Life is. I don’t know about you but I desire to be free.  To be free to live this life in a way that allows…

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