10 Frugal Decorating Tips

I have a passion for frugality and home decor…I present to you 10 Frugal Decorating Tips! As a stay-at-home mother of 6, to say money has been tight over the years would be an understatement.  It would seem that frugality and…

10 Ways to help the poor from home

10 Ways To Help The Poor From Home

As a stay at home Mom, I have sometimes found it hard to fulfill my mandate to care for the poor. Our culture of individualism has not made it easy to connect with others or even to know if one’s…
Little House

Homemaking: “Little House On The Prairie” Style

    I have so many fond memories of my Mom reading to my sister and I from the “Little House Series” written by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  My sister and I would have hours of fun re-enacting the stories from these…3 ways to have a relaxing morning