What is a Homemaker?

The term homemaking is a bit ambiguous.   What is a homemaker anyway? In my ever present quest to become a better homemaker, I have attempted to answer the question, What is homemaking and what does homemaking encompass?  This at first glance…
gluten free pantry

The Well Stocked Gluten Free Pantry

  One of the most popular questions I get asked about living gluten-free is “What in the world am I going to eat”?  Never fear you can still eat lots and lots of delicious food!  Here is a list of things…
Little House

Homemaking: “Little House On The Prairie” Style

    I have so many fond memories of my Mom reading to my sister and I from the “Little House Series” written by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  My sister and I would have hours of fun reenacting the stories from these…

Top 10 Simple Living Tips

  Confession…Simple Living does not come naturally to me. You see I am in recovery.   I am recovering from my life as a busy person! These 10 tips have been learned the hard way and at great cost not…
Top 10 Homemaking books in 2015

The Top 10 Homemaking Books of 2015

I guess you could say that HOMEMAKING  is my passion.  I have been doing it as my full time job for the past 27 years.  Truthfully, I have loved homemaking and have hated certain aspects of it at the same time….
The Simple Life

The Simple Life

  There is an exciting movement flowing through the nation to live The Simple Life.  A back to basics, live like your grandparents, reuse and recycle kind of movement.  Depending on who you listen to it can mean a whole…

15 Qualities of Biblical Hospitality

  We have great confusion amongst Christians when we talk about hospitality.  In America the word hospitality is used interchangeably with the word entertaining.  When we delve into what the Bible teaches on the subject we see that there are…
Flower Arranging Tips

10 Simple Flower Arranging Tips

I love SIMPLE and I love FLOWERS! Flower arranging is not hard and I am so pleased to share with you these helpful Simple Flower Arranging Tips.   Anything I do at my home has to be easy and simple…

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