Organize Your Eating Space The Frugal Way


Do you have a formal dining room or an eat-in kitchen?  Either way today we are going to be organizing the eating space in your home.  Today is day twenty-five in the series How to Organize Your Home in 31 Days the Frugal Way.

In my home, we eat in the dining room for every meal.  I live in an old farmhouse and although my kitchen is a decent size we do not have an eating space in the kitchen.  Our dining room is probably the most used room in the house.  It must serve several purposes.  We eat all three meals there as well as homeschool and play games at the table.  I have a large hutch that stores my fine china and collection of blue and white ceramic ware and vases.  Under the window seat, I store all my tablecloths and linens.  I have a small wooden secretary that I write letters and correspondence at and serves as a little office on the first floor.

As you can see my dining room is a true multi-purpose room!




Table and chairs

Storage unit or units






  • Write down how your eating space needs to function. (My eating space must also function as a school room as well as an office.
  • Declutter by removing all items that do not belong in your eating space.
  • Does your table serve as a dumping spot?  Check out how to make a command center to organize the things you normally dump like keys and mail, school papers and the like.
  • Group like items together, store table linens and napkins, silverware, plates, and cups all in one spot.
  • Use trays to store items you use on a daily basis.
  • Utilize built-ins or build a window seat for extra storage and seating.
  • Make sure you have a designated spot for all your items.
  • Repurpose an old dresser as a serving station!
  • Use drawer dividers to add more storage space.  Recycle kleenex boxes for easy and organized drawers.
  • Have a tray as a centerpiece on your table to neatly house salt and pepper shakers, napkins, sugar bowl and of course fresh flowers from the garden or an indoor plant.
  • Dedicate a portion of your eating space to a breakfast zone to make mornings run smoother.
  • Store your everyday plates and bowls on a plate rack (I use this one) for easy access and to provide more storage.
  • If you don’t love something or find it useful give it away! 
  • Add more space by removing entertainment items to a large storage bin and store it in the basement or garage.
  • Keep your napkins in sets by using a chip clip, clothespin or binder clip to keep them together.



FRUGAL TIP:   Don’t purchase anything new, be creative and see if you can repurpose furniture, don’t be above curbside shopping.  Painting furniture can unify mismatched furniture and it costs very little.  



What are some of your creative ideas to organize your eating space and not spend a ton of money?




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