How To Organize Your Pets The Frugal Way




It’s here…day twenty-eight!  Today, we are going to tackle how to organize your pets the frugal way.  Pets can be, what am I talking about?  Pets ARE very expensive!  We are going to organize all the things that come with having a pet so everything you need is available and neatly stored in an effective manner in one place.

At the present moment, I have two dogs, three cats, and nine chickens (see pictures).

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Bins/buckets to store pet food (I use giant icing buckets from my local grocery store that I get for FREE at the bakery).

Baskets (I got mine for FREE after a friends garage sale)



Organizing is what you do

before you do something,

so that when you do it,

it is not all mixed up.

~ A.A. Milne





  • Pull all your pet products out from where you have them stored, make a big pile.  SORT and PURGE everything that is expired, old, chewed or no longer necessary to your pets well being.  That means that you have to throw out things that are damaged or give away things in good condition.
  • Figure out where you will store your pet products. In my home, we store everything needed for the indoor pets in a closet in the mudroom.  For the outdoor pets like the chickens, those necessities and food are stored in the garage.
  • LABEL the bins, baskets, and buckets.
  • Take your pet food and dump it out of the bags and into your labeled food safe plastic buckets.  We have three.  One for cat food, one for dog food and one for pet meds.  RETURN the pet food bins to the place they will be permanently stored.
  • Pet meds should be stored in a safe place where children cannot reach.  Pet meds are best stored in a food safe sealed bucket, exactly like the ones you are using for the pet food.
  • Next, get your baskets.  For our dogs, we have three separate baskets.  One for the dog leashes, sweaters, treats, and poop bags,  one for the pet cleanup which includes rags, carpet cleaner, rubbing alcohol and sanitizing cleaning spray.  Lastly, a basket for dog toys.  Our cats only have one for toys.
  • Like I said we keep all our pet bins, buckets, and baskets in the mudroom closet or in the case of the dog leashes, sweaters, treats, and poop bags we keep those in a basket by the back door of the mudroom.
  • Cats and chickens have less stuff so they are easier to organize.  I expect the same is true for hamsters, guinea pigs, and the like.  REDO…Sort, pitch and reorganize their things.





What are your tips to organize your pets the frugal way?




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