Organize Your Purse The Simple Way

Welcome to Organize Your Home in 31 Days the Frugal Way.  Today is day fifteen, can you believe we almost halfway done with the challenge?  I am plugging along right beside you.  Today, we will organize your purse the simple and frugal way.  I received this classy handbag for Christmas and just love it! (I took off the gold Guess icon…a little too ostentatious for me.) It is big enough to hold folders as well as my purse essentials.

This bag was FREE to me but most of my other purses have come from garage sales and the thrift store.  I was just speaking to a friend who found a gorgeous leather Coach bag at her thrift store!!!  I always look at leather items at my local thrift store and have found some wonderful belts, bags, coats and purses over the years literally saving thousands.


What does a lady include in her purse?


It is her must-haves and will vary according to your preferences. As you can see, I keep it simple.


My must-haves…


blog business cards


makeup/medicine bag






Purge     Take everything out of your purse and take a hard look at what you have in there.  This will determine what you need to include as the must-haves.  Throw out all the garbage, gum wrappers and receipts.

Fill     Load up your makeup/medicine bag up with the things you need.  I carry, lipstick and mascara, essential oils, sewing kit, bandaids and on guard, a small mirror, comb and bobby pins and at least one ponytail holder.  I also will not leave home without digest zen, Rescue Remedy and Dye Free Advil.

Replace      Place your essentials back in your purse and you are all set, well at least until the purse fills up again!



What are your purse must-haves?




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