Organize Your Storage Space (Attic, Basement, and Garage)


How to organize your storage space can be a mighty tricky task!  Welcome to day twenty-seven of home organization.  Some of you reading this may not have any storage space and some of you might have an attic, basement and a garage.  Never fear, the principles of frugal organization stays the same no matter how much space you have.

My storage space is located in my basement and my garage depending on where items are best stored.  If there is one area of my home that gets out of hand the quickest it is the storage spaces.  Why?  Because I keep piling more things to be stored without putting them in the proper storage box and on the proper shelf.  So, today’s task in Organize your Home in 31 Days the Frugal Way is for you as much as it is for me!

Grab the following…



Giveaway boxes or bags

Plastic or paper storage bins/boxes







Organize your basement for FREE by using boxes scrounged from local businesses (my favorite are paper boxes with lids).  Build your own shelves using FREE pallets.  I keep a stock of pallets in my garage to build things with.   Don’t overlook curbside shopping for bookcases.  Just today, I saw a bookshelf on the side of the road.  It is finals week at our local college and there was also a bunk bed, microwave, and carpet all for FREE!




  • Start by sorting through every single thing in your storage area.  Yep…every single thing!  You should have a KEEP and a GIVEAWAY box or bag.   This task may take more than a day if things are a mess!  I am on day four in my basement so be patient and do a little every day until you are done.
  • When you are sorting through your possessions.  Ask yourself a few questions…Why should I keep this item?  Do I love it?  Do I know someone who could use this more than me?
  • Now let’s tackle organizing the items you want to keep.   Group all like items together, put each grouping in a storage box and label.  You can see my Christmas Decorations are labeled and put in storage bins in the top picture.  They are now placed on the shelves in the basement.



What if you sorted and gave away

but you still don’t

have room for your things?  

 Start the process over again.  





Tight on space?  Don’t have a garage, attic or basement to store things?

It’s time to get creative and look around at all the possible storage spaces you have.  Try under the bed, repurpose furniture to use specifically for storage.  Use an old trunk or chest as a coffee table.  Use curtains to cover shelves holding cleaning tools, office supplies, and toilet paper.  Build a storage tower and stick in a small narrow space.  Instead of storing all your cleaning supplies in one place, try making cleaning buckets for every room.  Hang things on the wall like hooks, shelves, baskets, containers and even magnetic strips to hold utensils, knives, and scissors.


You could be a blessing to other people

in your community by

giving away your excess stuff or make some

extra money by having a garage sale!  




How do you organize your storage space?




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