sarah hydrangea wreath

How to Make an Easy Hydrangea Wreath

I love to make things and so do most of my children.  They all express it differently of course.  Some draw, some dance, some make jewelry, some design computer programs.  Today, I would like to share the wreath my 13-year-old…

Fall Tablescape and Wooden Orbs DIY

    This project is quick and easy! Basically, the only projects I do use what I have on hand and are quick and easy. We found this idea on Pinterest…of course!  Have I told you how much I LOVE…

DIY Fall Decor Acorn Balls

  I have had the idea for this project in mind for about 20 years from Martha Stewarts Christmas Entertaining, Decorating, Giving -1989 publication.   She used nuts from the store in her project but I thought acorns would look betterand…
DIY Citrus Bath Oil

Citrus Bath Oil

I actually got to take a bath this weekend with my amazing Citrus Bath Oil and found myself pondering why I don’t do this more often.  Then I remembered I have 6 kids (5 living at home) and we all…
Valentine's Coffee Filter Heart

Easy…Child Friendly…Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath

    I love EASY! I love PRETTY!   I love CHILD FRIENDLY!    This cute Valentine’s Day wreath came from Soccer Mom Style!  As with all of “My DIY ” projects I have adapted the original project to use…
DIY Toddler Sundress

DIY Sweet Toddler Sundress

My niece just turned one!  Hard to believe she is that age already… I decided to make her a sundress for her birthday and I have to confess I had so much fun making it!  This adorable project was quick and…
DIY Faux French Grain Sack Pillow

DIY Faux French Grain Sack Pillow

  I love the idea of making things out of old worn items. I am excited to present to you this very easy project….The Faux French Grain Sack Pillow!   Reuse and repurpose are my my mottos.  I have wanted to have…
Odor Eating Essential Oil Spray

Odor Eating Essential Oil Spray

Let me start off with the facts.   I need an odor eating essential oil spray at my house.   My house stinks! Why?    I totally blame the 7 stinky people that live in my home as well as…
How to make potpourri

How To Make Potpourri

I have been making dry and wet potpourri for many, many years.  Just how many years you will not get me to divulge here… Since one of my passions is gardening, the art form of scent and how to make potpourri…

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