Teaching Kids The Real Meaning Of Christmas

Teaching Kids The Real Meaning Of Christmas can be extremely difficult in a world that celebrates a secular view of Christmas and in most cases omits Jesus altogether.  Today, let’s take a look at our own Christmas traditions and see how we can add Christ-focused activities that will teach the real meaning of Christmas.

Growing up I have many fond memories of hours playing with our family’s Nativity.  Every Christmas it was brought out and my sister and I were allowed to play with it even though it was fragile.  I would spend hours reenacting the story of Jesus’s birth.  I was taken with this true story!  I also remember making my father be the donkey and riding around on his back so that I could pretend to be Mary and one of my baby dolls was baby Jesus.  Such pleasant and peaceful feelings for me.  How thankful I am for these precious childhood memories!

Fast forward many years and I am a mother of my own brood of children and I have had the opportunity to pass on this wonderful family tradition to my own children.  We now have a Nativity in every room on the first floor as a well as in the upstairs hallway!  Lots of opportunities to play and focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  When my children were young I even had a plastic set for them to play with however the dog ate it one year! So it goes…




Teaching Kids The Real Meaning Of Christmas

  • Set up a Nativity under your tree.
  • Place the Nativity as a centerpiece on your dining room table and read through the Christmas Story in Luke 2 every night.
  • Put a Manger Scene in every room of the house.
  • Read THE FIRST CHRISTMAS IN ORIGAMI and have fun with the whole family making an origami Nativity Set.
  • Make sure you have at least one Nativity for your children to play with.
  • Start a collection and make a display in a curio cabinet for the Christmas Season.
  • Set your Nativity on top of a box covered with a tablecloth.  It gives it hight and presence.
  • Place your Nativity on the mantle of your fireplace.
  • Wait until Christmas to place baby Jesus in the manger in your family’s nativity.  This builds up anticipation and excitement for Jesus’s Birthday!
  • Have your children make a Nativity   FREE NATIVITY PRINTABLES
  • Read Luke 2 as you set up your Nativity for the year.
  • Have a Family Nativity Play  Check out this SCRIPT.
  • Put Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils on your wooden Nativity so it brings the Christmas story to life.


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As I was preparing to write this post I researched many Nativity Sets.  I found two that I happily recommend to you!

Both sets can be played with by children!


My first pick is the Little People Christmas Story Nativity with Lights and Sounds

My second pick is really my favorite!  This is what we own, it has stood the test of time and it looks Amazingly Beautiful.  The pieces are made of plastic so children can play with them.  Hours and hours of enjoyment!

Fontanini Nativity Set


We started out with just Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and a Stable.  Over the years we have added more pieces.  There are many, many pieces to choose from and different options for stables too!  



How do you make the Nativity part of your Christmas?





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