DIY Dollar Store Into Arhaus Mercury Glass Christmas Ornament

DIY Mercury Glass Christmas Ornament

I love the dollar store and I love Arhaus Furniture!  It seems a bit of a contrast there but I truly love both stores!  I also have a few problems with each store too.  The items you get at the dollar store look cheap and Arhaus Furniture is absolutely gorgeous but out of my price range.  To solve this problem I have created this tutorial for DIY Dollar Store Into Arhaus Mercury Glass Christmas Ornament.



Mercury glass (or silvered glass) is glass that was blown double walled, then silvered between the layers with a liquid silvering solution, and sealed. Although mercury was originally used to provide the reflective coating for mirrors.  As time passes the inside of the mercury glass peels away leaving a lovely aged effect that so many people and companies have tried to recreate.

Today we are going to recreate a plastic, kid, and pet-safe Arhaus Mercury Glass Christmas Ornament!  An added benefit is that this DIY project is EASY!






DIY Dollar Store Into

Arhaus Mercury Glass Christmas Ornament





clear plastic dollar store ornaments

natural stone textured spray paint

flat soft iron spray paint

flat burnished amber spray paint

aged copper spray paint

metallic brass spray paint

looking glass spray paint

face mask or bandana





Remove the lid of the plastic ornaments and lay them on newspaper to be spray painted.  First spray paint the lids with burnished umber spray paint then a coat of aged copper.  Set aside to dry.


Spray a few sprays of stone effects spray paint into the plastic ornament balls.  Spray at different angles.  Then spray the first coat of looking class spray paint into the ornament and swirl around.  Keep changing the angles of the ornaments every few minutes until the paint is dry.





Next, spray the ornament with flat soft iron and again aim the direction of the spray can in different directions inside the ornament.




Next, spray the metallic brass spray paint into the plastic Christmas ornament and let the ornament dry upside down on the newspaper.  Let it dry about an hour.


Lastly, finish with another spraying of looking-glass spray paint and let it dry another hour.


Finally, cap with the Christmas ornament tops.






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