10 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself About Extracurricular Activities

  It’s that time of year again… Decisions…Decisions…Decisions With the advent of the school year comes many choices on how your children and family will spend their time. How and what you choose to be involved in will dictate how…

Simple Fall Activities for Kids

I feel incredibly blessed to live in the LOVELY state of Ohio!  To experience all four seasons is…well BEAUTIFUL. Add children to the mix and then you have a TRUELY BEAUTIFUL picture! I asked my now grown and almost grown…

The Morning Snuggle

I awoke this morning after a somewhat sad and disturbing weekend… I did not even attempt to get out of bed before opening my Bible…I have been re-reading Psalms over and over this year as so much has happened in…
What makes a good dad?

What Makes A Good Dad?

    What makes a good Dad?   Search the internet and you will find all sorts of ideas about what makes a man a good Dad.  In my research for this post I came across a lot of opinion and…
Christmas Card 2014

The Autistic Family

Let me just come out with it…being a mother of a child with autism has its ups and downs. I have been doing this though for the past 25 years and while it has been the most challenging thing I…
3 Tips to stop rushing

3 Tips To STOP Rushing

Relax… Stop and smell the roses… Breathe… I know what you are thinking, “Rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off is just my life right now and there is simply no way to stop it”!   Well,…


Do you need a motherhood pick me up?   Some days there seems to be a major contradiction between beautiful and joyful mothering and reality.  When you are in the trenches day in and day out you can easily loose…
Why Net Nanny?

Why Net Nanny?

  Why Net Nanny? Well, I have tried several other Internet Protection Software over the past ten years and they didn’t work.   How’s that for a simple answer? For the record…I have not been paid to write this post….
10 Things to keep your child safe

10 Things To Keep Your Child Safe

  I hate talking about unpleasant things. When I start thinking about injury as it relates to children, my mother instinct takes over and I begin to shut down.  As mothers, we want to give our children a safe childhood….
Social Media and Teens

Social Media and Teens

I am thrilled to have my son Andrew as a guest author on my blog today sharing with us about Social Media and Teens!  Andrew is a Sophomore in college and is majoring in Computer Science.  He wrote this for…

The One Thing Your Family Needs To Succeed

I am thrilled to be writing for The Strong Family Project today!   A few years ago a question popped into my head and has been churning around in it ever since. “What is the one thing that makes a family…

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