Summertime in the Garden at The Peaceful Haven

Peace and Tranquility… I find such enjoyment in the garden…it brings me to a place of worship. I see God’s amazing creation and I am moved. When I am in the garden my heart rate drops and all the worries…

Simple and Frugal Fall Gardening To Do List

Fall is a great time to do some fun and (if you give it some thought) money saving activities in your garden. Get the family involved too!  Many hands make light work. I have compiled a To-Do List of what…

10 Simple Spring Gardening Tips

Gardening is one of my most enjoyable activities.  It is beneficial in so many ways that it is hard to keep count.  I garden just because I LOVE it!  However, the benefits of gardening are far reaching.  It will save…
Beginners Guide To Composting

The Beginners Guide To Composting

This could be a very short post.  Composting is actually incredibly simple and can be summed up in very few words.   EVERYTHING ROTS…the end!   When you are approaching the topic of composting keep this fact in mind and remember…

The Beginners Guide To Companion Planting

  My philosophy on life is KEEP IT SIMPLE! This  includes how I garden…I want to enjoy every moment I have in the garden and keeping it simple ensures that gardening remains a JOY!  So, as we wade into the…
3 Easy Ways to have Amazing Roses

3 Easy Organic Ways To Have Amazing Roses

My garden is totally organic.  Why?  I can grow flowers, vegetables and fruit with excellence without the use of chemicals.   I do not want pesticide anywhere near my home…It is that simple for me. I will just say it…the…
Top 10 pants for attracting beneficial insects

Top 10 Plants For Attracting Beneficial Insects

What are beneficial insects you ask? Simply put they are good bugs that eat the bad bugs.  They include ladybugs, bees, lacewings and hoverflies.  I know it is hard to believe but you want these bugs in your garden! Pesticides…
Plant Weeds and Other Ways to Save Money in the Garden

Plant Weeds And Other Ways To Save Money In The Garden

      Gardening can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be that way with a little creativity and ingenuity.  As a stay-at-home mom of six children things have always been tight for our family financially.  It has taken…
The Summer Garden "TO DO" List

Summer Garden “TO DO” List

  For me The Summer Garden “TO DO” List is the hardest to get done and the least pleasurable because of the heat of Summer in the midwest.  However, I still enjoy it. In any season there are certain things…
Natural Garlic Plant Spray

Homemade Natural Garlic Pesticide Spray

I was walking in my garden yesterday to see how many flowers were in bloom.  It is an ever changing landscape in Spring and new plants are growing, blooming and seeds are emerging from the dark soil.  Spring is my…
20 Vegetables to Direct Seed

20 Vegetables To Direct Seed

  There are two ways to start seeds.  You can either start them inside or your can direct seed them into the soil.  I like to do both! Either of these methods will depend on where you live.   You must…
7 Tips for Successful Seed Starting

7 Tips For Successful Seed Starting

Successful Seed Starting is EASY if you follow these 7 tips! Somehow along the way people began to think that starting seeds indoors was hard and best left to the professionals.  The good news is that seed starting  is simple…
edible and healthy flowers

12 Edible And Healthy Flowers

Did you know that some flowers are edible and healthy to eat? I think that while most people know that it’s OK to eat certain flowers they lack the courage to try these beauties themselves.  Flowers add color and nutrition…
how to make comfrey tea

How To Make Comfrey Tea

How to make comfrey tea?  It is so EASY you are going to wonder why you didn’t make it sooner. To clarify, the comfrey tea that I am talking about is the comfrey tea for your plants and not you….


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