What is it like to be Autistic?

The following is an interview with our daughter Kylie about what it is like to be autistic.  I hope it will give you insight and fill you with compassion for children and  adults who live with or love someone with…
How to successfully travel with a child with autism

Traveling With Autism

Our family just returned home from a ten day car trip.  Thirteen states in 10 days and we threw in a family reunion just for good measure.  Traveling with autism is not easy! Yes, it was RISKY especially with a…

10 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Autism

  I have a passion for people with autism.  It is driven by my deep love for my daughter Kylie who has autism.  It has been my observation over the past 24 years that there is a great deal of…

How To Help Your Autistic Child Cope With The Holidays

    The Holidays are a happy time for most people.   For the family with an autistic member the Holidays can be stressful! OK…that might be an understatement but were going to stick with the word STRESSFUL for now….
Christmas Card 2014

The Autistic Family

Let me just come out with it…being a mother of a child with autism has its ups and downs. I have been doing this though for the past 25 years and while it has been the most challenging thing I…

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