Back To School Backpack Basics


Back To School Backpack Basics…

I recently polled my readers about back to school issues and found that many were having problems getting themselves and their kids organized and out the door in the morning.  As I was thinking and praying I realized that the organization of the backpack was the key.  After some research, another key is to have the backpack completely packed the night before.

Packing your children’s backpacks the night before, well, now that is up to you.

Helping you SIMPLIFY Backpack Basics now, that is up to me.



Back To School Backpack Basics


MUST HAVES     include an ID, contact information including physicians numbers, a list of prescription medications with dosage.  emergency money (five singles is a good amount), and a cell phone with important contacts programmed into the phone.

TOILETRIES     Pack a smaller bag with tissues, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, lip balm, lotion, band-aids, and sanitary supplies for girls who need them.

LUNCHBOX     It is much healthier not to mention cheaper to have your kids pack their lunch.  If you choose not to pack make sure to send money with your child to purchase a school lunch.

FOLDER     Include an empty folder to school information and finished homework to pass from home and school.

PENCIL BAG     This bag should include the school supplies and writing utensils that were on your child’s school supplies list.  Things like pencils, markers, and erasers.

ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK     Depending on the age of your child this is a must have for school success.  I would encourage even those in elementary school to start this habit.  

PAPERBACK BOOK     There can be a lot of down time just waiting for the school bus or even for parent transportation.  Make sure your children have a good paperback to read while waiting.  It is a great way for your children to pass the time waiting in a constructive and meaningful way.

HOMEWORK FOLDER OR BINDER      Make sure to include this in your child’s backpack every day!

SCHOOLBOOKS      These must be included for your child to be successful.  Luckily the elementary students should not have to bring many books home.

EXTRACURRICULAR EQUIPMENT      This may need an additional bag for some activities like sports but for others like girl scouts and ballet their essentials can be included in the backpack if your schedule necessitates it.




  • Put your heaviest school items in first, on the bottom and closest to the back. Organize your children’s smaller items like their toiletries and pencil case in the back pack zip compartments.
  • Backpacks should weigh no more than 10 to 15 percent of your child’s body weight.
  • De-clutter your child’s backpack weekly.



What are your suggestions for back to school backpack basics?




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