How To Become A Millionaire


I have to confess that the thought of How to Become a Millionaire has never crossed my mind until now.  I just finished reading The Millionaire Nextdoor for an upcoming book review and was struck with how the decades of research included in this book lined up with the principles taught in Scripture about what God has to say about money.

The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy is a research loving, stats-obsessed person’s dream book!  Every page is loaded with facts about who the millionaires are in America and more importantly who they are not.  The data presented will clear up any misconceptions about how Millionaires acquire their wealth.

Here are some surprising facts I learned and look how many are from a Christian Worldview!


How To Become A Millionaire


  • Be frugal and have a wife that is more frugal than you
  • always live beneath your means
  • never live in an affluent neighborhood
  • Save 15% of your income
  • they never tell their children they are wealthy
  • drive a used car
  • Stay married
  • know how to minimize their realized (taxable) income and maximize their unrealized income (wealth/capitol appreciation without a cash flow)
  • have goals
  • spends an average of 10 hours a month researching and managing finances
  • believes financial independence is more important than social status
  • their parents instilled the value of hard work
  • they value education even though nearly half do not have a college education
  • most millionaires are business owners
  • their children are economically independent
  • they are generous
  • live a low consumption lifestyle


Are you surprised about how many of these tasks relate to the Proverbs 31 Woman?


I have to tell you that this information really challenged me.  The one fact that encouraged me the most was how much influence a wife’s frugality had on her family’s well-being!  Saving money matters!  The choices you make about what to purchase and not purchase makes a BIG difference in your family’s lifestyle.  Not having to worry about money makes your life a peaceful haven and who doesn’t want that?

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How will this information affect how you manage your home?




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