5 Rules To Simplify Kitchen Organization


Welcome to day eighteen of Organize Your Home in 31 Days the Frugal Way!  5 Rules to Simplify Kitchen Organization has taken a while to write, you see I am not a naturally organized person.  I need SIMPLE rules to help me run my household of 8 family members.  It is my sincerest hope that these streamlined tasks will help you bring order to your kitchen and therefore make your life EASIER!

Before you start organizing your kitchen take a moment to think about what you need your kitchen to do.  Do you cook every day? Do you have a pantry space?  Do you love cooking?   Is it an eat-in kitchen?



“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful,

or believe to be beautiful.”

― William Morris


Next, divide your kitchen into zones.  In my home, we have a pantry for food storage.  Then we have a coffee and tea station, a pots and pans zone, a baking zone, a cooking utensil zone, a zone for dishes.  The zone is located nearest to the large appliance that is most used for the task.




5 Rules To Simplify Kitchen Organization


  1. Group like things together.  This includes food in the pantry.  For example, group all tomato products together, all kinds of pasta together.  All mixing bowls stored together along with measuring cups and spoons.
  2. Get rid of duplicates.  Yep, You really only need one melon baller or garlic press.  How many pots and pans and casserole dishes you need will depend on how much you cook and the size of your family.
  3. Stay on top of dishes and clean up as you cook.  Keep a damp washcloth with you at all times while working in the kitchen.  It makes cleaning as you go so much easier.  Make sure you unload the dishwasher before you begin cooking a meal.
  4. Store items in containers.  I like to use canning jars and pottery crocks as containers.  For larger items I use baskets.
  5. Label what things are and where they go.  This is a must in a large family.  If containers and storage zones are not labeled then other family members will not know where to put things.  I have a daughter that has special needs so it is very important to have things labeled for her to be successful in her job of unloading the dishwasher.  



Number 3 is my challenge.  I have always had trouble staying on top of the dishes and cleaning up as I cook.  Alas, I have trained my children by my actions not my words and they struggle to do the same.   The good news is that none of us need to stay the same.   We are all able to improve in areas of weakness with God’s help!


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What are your tips for kitchen organization?





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