25 Tips To Organize Your Home The Frugal Way


Welcome to Day twelve in Organize Your Home In 31 Days the Frugal Way!  Today, we are going to take a well-deserved break from organizing and see how we can creatively and frugally solve some of our organizing issues.  I have searched the web as well as drawn from my own solutions to bring you these 25 Tips To Organize Your Home.

Let’s get started, and by the way, I would love to hear how you are organizing your home the frugal way!


25 Tips To Organize Your Home The Frugal Way

  1. Use dollar store mini loaf pans or small boxes to organize your makeup.
  2. Use zip lock sandwich bags to organize your jewelry into sets.  This keeps sterling from tarnishing and keeps jewelry organized so that you can pull a set lickety split!
  3. Store your makeup brushes in 0ld glasses cases, these also make a great mini makeup case for your purse,
  4. Cake stands make great organization tools in the kitchen, bathroom, and even the craft room.
  5. Use shower curtain hooks to store belts and scarves in your closet.  Attach them to hangers or directly onto the hanging bar.
  6. Use an old tick tack container to store bobby pins.
  7. Use an old cookies sheet as a boot dryer in the mudroom.  No more muddy boots!
  8. Use an over the door canvas shoe rack to store hats, mittens, and scarves on the door of the hall closet, use a canvas shoe rack to store tools or even shoes!
  9. Use thrift store baskets to store everything from potatoes and squash in the pantry to towels in the linen closet.
  10. Use hooks to make a key rack or a coat rack.  They are only a few dollars at the hardware store and will increase your storage space,
  11. Cover shoe boxes with wrapping paper and store smaller items in them.  They will look good out in the open as well as in drawers.
  12. Use rolled magazines in your boots to keep them standing tall.
  13. Use curtain tension rods to give you more space in closets and under sinks.  Hang anything from cleaning supplies, paper towels or scarves on them.
  14. Use toilet paper rolls inside a shoe box to store wires, chargers and small extension cords.  Close the shoe box and store in a closet…no more tangled wires!
  15. Paint one of your doors or cabinet doors with chalkboard paint and use it as a family communication center.  I have the top section of my pantry door painted with chalkboard paint and put a weekly scripture verse on it.
  16. Old spice racks can be used on desks to organize office supplies as well as store hair accessories or jewelry and of course spices.  Here is another idea for spices.  Use baby food jars to hold your spices.
  17. Store bed sheets folded inside a pillowcase.  Store the stuffed pillow case in a dresser drawer in the room of the bed.
  18. No matter what you are organizing “group like things together”…it will save you time and energy finding things in the future!
  19. Use old crocks or pitchers to store large cooking utensils.
  20. Lidded paper boxes are FREE and can store anything in a neat and organized way.
  21. Repurpose an old dresser into a kitchen island, TV stand or bookcase.
  22. Use bread taps to label electrical chords.
  23. Organize coffee mugs by screwing in cup hooks under a kitchen cabinet.
  24. Keep your refrigerator clean and organized by using dollar store plastic containers add more space and organization!
  25. Use an old ladder as a towel rack or magazine rack.


I hope these Frugal Organizing Tips will help you get creative and inspire you to problem solve by looking at everyday items you in a new way.  Saving money always involves a little bit of creative thinking!



What are your tips to organize your home to frugal way?



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Janelle Esker is the grateful wife of Michael and homeschooling mother of six amazing children. She lives with her family, 4 cats, 1 dog, 3 ducks and 12 chickens in scenic Ohio. Janelle received her B.A. in Education from Ohio Northern University. She is the author of CHOSEN: One Family’s Journey with Autism.