Organize Your Kid’s Clothes The Frugal Way


Welcome to day 10 of Organize Your Home in 31 Days the Frugal Way!  Today’s challenge will focus on managing your children’s clothing.  Storing the outgrown ones and making daily storage easy for your children to use independently.  Let’s get started, here is how to organize your kid’s clothes the frugal way.

Kids come with a lot of stuff, don’t they!  From the moment you leave the hospital, you are lugging a diaper bag the size of a suitcase loaded with all the things a baby needs.  Before you know it a child’s possessions including his or her clothing are taking over the home.

Take a deep breath…we are going to make this simple.


Organize Your Kid’s Clothes The Frugal Way



storage boxes (I like to use lidded paper boxes.)

plastic trash bags

black sharpie for labeling.

dresser or closet


For the first step, you will follow the exact same steps you followed when organizing your own clothes on day eight.  *Just make sure to click back to this post before you put the kid’s clothes away.  


As a Mother of six children, I have had to simplify how I organize my kid’s clothes as too many of anything can become a burden and not a blessing.  I am grateful for God’s provision and want to keep it that way.


After you have sorted and determined what your child has and needs in the way of clothing it is time to take the next step.  Putting it away.  I have found that it is much easier for children to use a dresser than a closet.  I put daily clothes and underthings in the dresser and church clothes in the closet.

Beginning when my children could dress themselves, I began The Roll System.   The Roll System is this.  I roll a child’s outfit together and store the outfit that way in their dresser.  This makes my life easier, gives the child confidence in their dressing ability and organizes their clothes all at the same time!

You can even go as far as rolling the child’s underwear and socks in the clothes roll as well.

As a side note, I still use this system with my 26-year-old daughter with autism.



Label each paper box with the gender, size, and season of the clothes you wish to store. For example…



Fall Winter 


*Please store your children’s out of season clothes in a dry place.  Attics make an ideal spot. If you are storing clothes in the basement or garage make sure to use plastic storage bins.



How do you organize your kid’s clothes?




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