Roses Razors A “SURPRISING” Review And A Giveaway

Because I test a lot of products, especially for women and children I am always a bit skeptical when I am asked to review a new product. As you know, not many of the products I review make it to the blog, as I only will recommend something to you that after testing and evaluating will be a benefit to your life and in general will save you money along the way.  I am excited to present to you Roses Razors A “SURPRISING” Review and a GIVEAWAY!




OK, I don’t mean to give it away but we did, all 5 testers LOVED Roses Razors!  Check out the details below…


 One of the fascinating things about Roses Razors is how the company got started.  What intrigued me the most was the testing process as well as the fact that these razors are made in America! 



The whole idea started about a year ago as Dipsi and I were getting ready for an event we had to attend.  She was out of razors so we had to make a quick run to the local drugstore to pick some up.  While she was shopping for the razors I noticed this really despondent look on her face.  When asked what was what wrong she complained about the high prices, lack of quality materials (most are quite plasticky) and the awful colors.  She said the section ‘looked like a bag of skittles threw up’.  Eventually, she picked something and briefly mentioned that we should start something like Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club for women like her who were just getting shafted.  On the way back from the event we thought about it more seriously and committed to the idea.  The goal was simple “Make Her Happy”.  No more crazy markups, a great looking razor that functions perfectly, home delivery, and a price point that would bring premium razors to everyone.  While the goal was simple the process was not.


We had to test blades from over 30 companies and 5 countries.  Eventually, we settled on 3 of the highest quality blades we could get our hands on and selected the one that was made in the USA (we want to keep as many jobs stateside as possible after all).  After finding the blade we sorted out the handle (Dipsi made me shave my legs for a month to understand the features that are absolutely necessary for a females shaving instrument).  First off, the attachment point to the blade actually takes more abuse than a mans razor.  We had heard complaints that the Dollar Shave Club razor heads sometimes break from weak attachments so ours are much stronger.  Additionally, when shaving in the shower you absolutely need a good handfeel and amazing rubber grips.  We went with a metal alloy and rubber construction that easily bests our competitors at the same price point and even above it.  We also wanted the handle to have a nice subtle whale tail at the end of it to allow for easier shaving of the ankles and lower calves – this makes it much easier to use than barrel-shaped handles like Harry’s which work really well for face shaving.  Everything was chosen to optimize the shaving experience for women – even the color.  We surveyed over 500 women and to my surprise (not Dipsis though – she picked the top three colors before the survey even came back) black was the number one choice.  Women wanted something more mature than the option they currently had.  Dipsi blames the poor choice of colors on the fact that men run all the other big shaving companies Gilette, Schick, Harry, and Dollar Shave Club.


Once the product was sorted Dipsi went to work on the website giving it a modern feminine feel that empowered women to realize there was another, better choice for them.  We wanted to feature models of all shapes and sizes and are committed to do that going forward as well.  We do not espouse or condone unhealthy body image and even present shaving itself as a choice – something you probably won’t hear from any other shaving company.  We also wanted to offer women a variety of ways to purchase their razors.  You can subscribe to different plans that auto deliver the razors or you can buy them as you need them.  This is about choice and making women’s lives easier.  My mother is a single mother and I see Dipsi also struggle with her day job, me, the kids, and growing Rose’s.  There’s a lot on your plate as a female so we are just trying to make things a bit easier and more affordable.  For many of our subscribers, we noticed that they feel like the move up to a nicer razor is a bit of a luxury.  We love to hear that but are also saddened that it has become that way.  Women deserve a better shave at a better price, if we can make that happen we are happy to.


Roses Razors A “SURPRISING” Review


We had 5 ladies review this product, one teen, one with a disability, two in their twenties and one mature woman.  We tested Roses Razors for three months.  We tested shaving with soap, shaving cream, body wash and on dry skin.

Here is what we loved…


The blades last a really long time.

The razor is solid and easy to grip.  It is not flimsy!

The shave is so close that one of our testers only had to shave once a week!

Smooth skin!  We loved how these razors made our skin feel, no razor bumps!

Cost effective!


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    No need for thanks Janelle! It’s our pleasure to get to work with you and share our story with your wonderful readers.

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